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Michelle Ginigeme

I’ve used the services of At-Ease Home Inspection within my Real Estate business for several years. I am always pleased with the level of exceptional service that Mr. Thomas provides to my clients. He is very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. I have peace of mind with each referral and am confident that my client’s are in the best of hands.

Sheila Shupp

Troy Sr. and Jr. have taken excellent care of my clients for a number of years, and my clients give me positive feedback about the work. They are quick to respond to questions and scheduling needs and all around professional. It's a privilege to have At-Ease Home Inspection on my team.

Vicki Parks

I love working with At-Ease! Troy does a very thorough inspection and is wonderful with my clients when going over his findings. I feel very comfortable when he's doing an inspection for a client--I know he's going to help them understand the findings and will answer any questions they may have. Troy does a very good job putting my clients At-Ease!

Darrion Butler

Mr. Troy Thomas is the best in the business! There is no other inspector as professional and thorough as Troy. In business, I have had the pleasure of reviewing hundreds of inspection reports. None have been to the high level of Troy. He is at the TOP of my referral list. Its an honor and pleasure to work with him.