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What is a Corner Pop?

A corner pop is what you will often see at the corner of Texas homes. It’s caused by Texas heat that makes the brick on top of the foundation wall expand and contract. Over time the movement will cause the corner to pop out of place and that’s where you get the term corner pop. 

Does this mean I have foundation problems? 

Usually, corner pops have no bearings on the structure of your home. This is strictly a cosmetic issue that can be an eye sore to look at.

How can I fix it?

  1. If the broken off corner piece is still in good condition you can re-attach by taking the broker corner and using a strong construction grade adhesive that works well with concrete, and re-attach piece back to the foundation wall. However, this is a temporary fix, and you should expect to have to repeat the process every few years.
  2. If the corner cannot be re-attached or be found, another option is to clean the corner of the foundation where the piece of foundation popped off. Create a mold to re-form that specific area using wood boards. If area is cleaned properly the poured concrete should adhere to jagged edges, creating a new corner surface. This method is also a temporary fix, and you should expect to repeat the process every few years.

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